Titan Waste Solutions

We are a locally owned waste hauling company which specializes in providing a dumpster rental service for the purpose of removing construction debris from your new construction or remodel projects. Also, our dumpsters are great for cleaning out the office or warehouse of unwanted contents, bulk trash or just cleaning out your home or garage of unwanted clutter, junk or household items that you do not use or need anymore. Our dumpsters can also be used to haul away tree limbs and brush.

Counties We Service

  • Franklin
  • Licking
  • Fairfield
  • Hocking
  • Perry
  • Pickaway

Shaun Fields

Founder, Owner of Titan Waste Solutions

Shaun has nearly 15 years of experience in renewable energy. In 2006 he became an owner of Outagamie Clean Energy Partners, which is involved in a Reclamation Methane Gas Project. They specialize in extracting methane gas from landfills to generate electricity which then supplies enough electricity to power over 6,000 homes. If these gases were not extracted, they would be omitted into the atmosphere as a pollutant – adding to the greenhouse gases that cause our environment harm. In 2018, Shaun became an owner in a certain RNG (Renewable Gas Project) that collects cow manure on a massive scale from farms, which then goes through a cleaning process and then is converted into a pipeline quality gas (renewable natural gas) which then is used for transportation fuel. This reduces our dependency on fossil fuels, which is another pollutant and non-renewable energy source that is harmful to the environment. This also saves the manure from being spread over land and eventually leaching into our waterways which cause environmental harm to our streams, lakes, and water supply.

With all this experience in green energy, Shaun decided to start Titan Waste Solutions in 2018. He now seeks to revolutionize the trash industry and make it more environmentally friendly. You can rest assured that your waste is in the right hands and will be disposed of properly or recycled. Shaun is dedicated to making the environment a better place by reducing the carbon footprint whether its in the energy sector or landfill waste. The mission is to make the planet more environmental friendly, cleaner, and greener for everyone!