Dumpster Trailers

Our dumpster trailers are intended for clean road commercial and residential use. These containers have rubber tires and are meant to be placed in an area free of hazardous materials in the roadway/dumpster placement. These containers are intended for those seeking a dumpster for removing construction debris from a new build or remodeling project, or just cleaning out an office/warehouse/home of unwanted contents like bulk trash and unwanted clutter. Our dumpsters can also be used to haul away tree limbs and brush.

If you are unsure of what size dumpster you may need, we can offer some friendly advice on the correct size. Size of project and weight of materials are factors in determining what size and type of dumpster you will need. All rentals include free delivery and pickup, with four days of use.

8 Cubic Yard Dumpster – $230

10′ Long x 3′ tall x 6′ wide

9 Cubic Yard Dumpster – $250

11′ Long x 3′ tall x 6 wide

11 Cubic Yard Dumpster – $270

12′ Long x 3′ tall x 6 wide

15 Cubic Yard Dumpster – $310

14′ Long x 4′ tall x 7′ wide

20 Cubic Yard Dumpster – $340

14′ Long x 5′ Tall x 7′ wide

Industrial Roll Off Containers

Our industrial roll off containers are intended for construction sites and are more suited for a rugged environment. The 15 yard container measures 16′ long x 42″ high and 96″ wide. The 20 yard container measures 16′ long x 60″ high and 96″ wide. All rentals include free delivery and pickup, with up to 2 weeks of use.

15 Cubic Yard Dumpster – $360

16′ Long x 7’6″ wide x 42″ tall
20 Cubic Yard Dumpster – $400

16″ long x 7’6″ wide x 60″ tall

On-Site Storage

Our On Site Storage containers are a safe, secure and weather resistant solution for storing your belongings during a major renovation, disaster clean up, moving personal belongings and construction site materials. Containers are fully enclosed and weather resistant to ensure the safety of your belongings. Please call or message us for pricing details.

  • Drop Off & Pick Up Fee: $150.00 
  • Weekly Rate: $50.00
  • Monthly Rate: $200.00
Moving Contents from one destination to another:
  • Add $75.00 delivery Inside 270 or City Limits.
  • Additional mileage fee outside of 270 or City Limits.
35 Cubic Yard Storage Container
7’6″ H x 7’10″W x 16’L

Please Call for Pricing