Rental Policy

1.) When renting our residential dumpsters and commercial roll-off dumpsters the flat fee includes a 4 day rental for residential dumpsters and up to 2 weeks rental for commercial roll-off dumpsters. This also includes the drop off, pick up and dump fee.  If you decide to keep the dumpster longer than the specified rental period, there is an additional charge of  $8.00 for each day on our dumpster trailers and a $20.00 charge for each additional day for our roll off containers.

2.) Keep in mind, when delivering these dumpsters, we will do our best to drop the dumpster off at your desired location on the premises. However, in some situations, its just not possible due to the size of dumpster or it may impossible to maneuver the dumpster into that particular location. (E.g.) Reasons may be such as trees in the way or existing cars, or a tight access point. 

3.) When you are loading the dumpster with contents, we ask that you do not over fill the dumpster above the side rails. If this happens, the driver, upon arrival for pick up, may have to remove objects from dumpster and leave on site. If this happens, you may be charged an additional $50.00. We have to ensure our loads are safe to haul and not cause harm to anyone while traveling on the roadways.

4.) When you are loading the dumpster with contents, we will ask you not to cover the tarp system at the head of the dumpster. The tarp is needed to roll out freely to cover the contents and strap down to insure that nothing falls out when transporting the load to the landfill.  If you cover the tarp and we have to remove contents there may be an additional charge up to $50.00 added.

5.) A list of items subject to additional charges: Call for prices on these items.

  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Dishwashers
  • Microwaves
  • Tires

6.) Items that we do NOT accept.

  • Hazardous waste or materials
  • Bio Hazardous materials or matter
  • Asbestos
  • Paint
  • Car Engines
  • Liquid Chemicals
  • Closed metal drums
  • Concrete and Bricks/Cement Blocks